iSpring cleaning for your skin! Mighty mango and tumeric tag-team pesky blackheads and whiteheads and put them down for the count. Sandalwood and lilly step into the ring to help soothe inflammation and rejuvenate your skin.


It purifys and cleanses your facial skin after a day long of hard work. The ingredients that are included in this product are full of antioxidants and has the properties of antiinflamatory agents which are known to help your skin regenerates. You will have the glow after each use and all your friends will want to know your beauty secret. 



Mango Pure

  • *Sandalwood Powder; *Turmeric Powder; *Mango Powder; *Arrowroot Powder; *Oat Flour; *French Red Caly; *White Kaolin Clay; *Dried Lily Powder.


    Every ingredient is organic, non-GMO, all natural and no harsh chemical that can harm/damage your sensitive facial skin.

  • Just Add your favorite liquid (water, milk, yogurt, honey, etc.) to the powder mask, mix to a paste consistency, apply a thin coat of the paste to face, avoiding eye area. Leave for 20-30 minutes or until mask dries and/or starts to crack. Wipe off all the dried paste from face with warm washcloth, repeat process until washcloth is clear from paste. Pat to dry, apply toner and mousturizer.

    Use mask at least 2-3 times weekly. Discontinue use if signs of irritation occurs (redness, excessive skin dryness, itchiness and/others).